Lichfield Cathedral to host Volunteers Fair

Published on: Thu, 06/01/2022 - 14:48

Lichfield Cathedral to host Volunteers Fair

Lichfield Cathedral is teaming up with Support Staffordshire to host a Volunteers Fair in the Cathedral on Tuesday 18 January from 2pm-4pm.

Over 25 local charities and organisations will be present in the Cathedral, ready to discuss the sort of help and support they are seeking from potential volunteers. Among the many charities looking for volunteers will be the National Memorial Arboretum, Staffordshire Network for Mental Health, Prison Fellowship and Erasmus Darwin House, as well as the Cathedral itself.

Canon Gregory Platten from Lichfield Cathedral, who has helped to organise the Volunteers Fair said, “The New Year is the time when people traditionally review their lives and set off in new, and sometimes unexpected, directions. Volunteering is one way in which people can find fulfilment and purpose. At Lichfield Cathedral we aim to be a resource for our local community and we are pleased to be able to host this volunteer fair for those who wish to offer something back to society and to grow in their own lives as a result.”

Rick Hill, Volunteer Officer with Support Staffordshire said, “Volunteering can be literally life-changing. One volunteer told us, “My life had fallen apart. I wanted a change of direction and to give a bit back to society. Volunteering seemed like a good way to make that change. Being a mentor with young people has given me purpose; a massive sense of belonging and self-worth. I have had that recognition I have something to offer and it’s been a complete change in direction for me.”

Image credit: Mark Zaccaria