Lichfield Real Ale Trail

Real ale trailThe Lichfield Real Ale Trail leaflet is free to pick up from visitor information at Lichfield Library and guides you around historic and memorable pubs in the city - each sporting their own Real Ale brews for you to sample along the way! You can download the trail at the bottom of this page. 

About the trail

Back in the 19th century Lichfield, like other market towns, had many pubs, better described as Ale Houses, to meet the needs of its population.

In 1834 Lichfield had an incredible 72 pubs, a ratio of one pub for every 69 people. By 1900  this had reduced to 52 pubs, a ratio of 1 to every 163  people. By 1936 this had further reduced to 46 pubs, a ratio of 1 to every 184 people. If this ratio had been maintained to today the current population of 30,000 plus would need a mind-blowing 450 pubs!

However, pubs are still at the heart of the community providing fellowship, enjoyment and a place of entertainment.

While pubs have changed over recent years, increasing in size with drinks and food on offer, there has also been an upsurge in the quality and variety of Real Ales to choose from. The nine pubs listed here are excellent examples of this but this is not a complete list. All are based in the city centre which makes for easy access and enjoyability.

To follow the trail you can start at any point and take your time. You can always come back to our Georgian Cathedral City and savour the rest another day?

Why not leave the car at home? Lichfield has excellent rail and bus services.