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Let Me In – Under The Earth: All I Need


ALL I NEED – A “Lie Down” Audio Visual Event Under the Earth

Sit back, lay down or rest on your favourite stargazing chair, and look at our Earth suspended above you.

Let Me In: Under the Earth presents ALL I NEED – a visceral audio-visual experience at The Hub, St Mary’s.

This event is all about reflection and taking time to slow down and take in everything around you. It will contain live music, dance and spoken word, performed in low light under the illuminated Earth sculpture, and is suitable for all ages.

ALL I NEED is an experimental evening of music and audio – designed to be consumed in the dark wherever and however you are most comfortable, whether that be lying on the floor gazing up at the Earth, sat in your favourite camping chair, or taking in the event standing up. This remarkable setting takes place underneath the giant 7 meter diameter GAIA Earth Sculpture.

Expect a set of ethereal and intensely reflective music as the audience lies back underneath the Earth, in the dark and lets this visceral audio-visual production wash over them. ALL I NEED is designed to encourage people to switch off from all outside distractions and be present in a space with the people around you, letting the sounds and lights help vacate your mind and help you relax and reflect. We aim to remind people of what they have in any given moment and to enable them to see just how much we have to be grateful for, as well as seeing just how much we need to protect.

Let Me In are dedicated to ensuring their productions are accessible to all, and are proud to announce that ALL I NEED is a Pay What You Can event, furthering Let Me In’s commitment to making all art accessible and inclusive. All artists are taking part in the event for this cause of diversifying audiences, and therefore, any donation made to cover our costs and those of The Hub would be greatly appreciated.

We believe that the arts have both the potential and responsibility to support the strengthening of communities and in actively fighting against injustices that provide a select few in society opportunities that should be accessible to everyone. We are constantly pushing ourselves to find new ways to collaborate with individuals and communities across the Midlands in seeing how we can develop projects that aren’t just artistically enjoyable but that enable space for reflection on how to make our communities more open, safe and without prejudice.

IMPORTANT – Please note this event is designed to be enjoyed whilst sitting and lying on the floor, gazing up at the Earth. Please bring along your comfiest items to do so – including blankets, cushions, camping chairs and anything else to make you comfortable. There will be spare chairs on the night for anyone who needs them.


  • Pay what you can

This is a past event